Racism in Durban

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Racism in Durban is still here for all these years i have been in different industries.Why always blacks are second in command and their views are considered as not important.

Change Now Or Eletion Time

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We are in year of local goverment election but still not much of change is done in our areas.The ruling party(ANC) and SANCO in our Ward is still doing one and the same thing,which is corrupting our minds and playing the card games.Election is nearby they are starting to make their promises and making a changes of individuals so,citizens can put their trust on them,which is wrong.Productivity must by for the whole term of five years.In August new Cllr will be appointed whereby they is information that citizens are not told about Ward changes,as we were Ward 55 before but now we are under Ward 42,that new Cllr will be appointed were by we do not even know where that person stay or who is that person and worst of it all it will be a preson that is mostly favoured by the ruling party not by the community at large in the ground.In 2015 early March in Ntuzuma G section a man’s (Hlongwane) house was broken down,promising him that thay will build a new one in the next two months.Those months went by but nothing was done,he was renting in neighbours house’s.On the 10th of June 2016 as election is here,they have decided to rebuild the house for him,for the whole year he has been renting.So why must we always have some change when election is on it way.Citizens think and decide that you vote for change or to get change when election is nearby.


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Alot has been said by the ward leadership and we believe the promises are made due to the election that is coming up.We current do not understanding what is happening on our ward which is ward 55 as the election is coming.We have had a protest where the citizens have been protesting againist lack of development in an area called EDikwe.

The leadership had promised alot and some of those things are things that will come to work in years to come maybe four to five years to come,but the election is just month and few weeks to come.One of things that they will point as development is a project where they have plcaed container toilets for citizens in area within ward 55 that still have informal houses instead of building houses for people.

So if people can be given clear understanding in ward 55 on waht is happening it would be better for all.On the on the 7 May 2014 we are voting once again,but as citizens we have not seen any thing that would unline that we celebrating 20 years of freedom in ward 55.

At the moment in area one they have started a project where there are rebuilding four room ubrban houses.But even there with that project things are not done right,citizens where not clearly informed about the project,unfair employment and grid of power once again from the leadership.So few meeting were held about the project and it was not clear on the selected house on how are there selected because if the say it a on going project that begun in 2008.Then to be employed also in the project you need to be a member of s ruling party or family/friend of the leadership.Then also the chairperson of a VCM becomes a CLO.

As the youth and some of the elders in the area dont see the use of voting.They are advised that together we can do more as they still need their vote but after voting they are advised ukuba sukumawenze (stand up and do it).So justice need to be done before people vote for a wrong things and get misleaded,because in the 20 years of freedom they are people who grew up known as children of informal settelment,they became uncels and anties of the same area and now they gram mothers and fathers of the informal settelment.It about time that we do not count the years of freedom it better we look into the change done.


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South Africa last year hosted the fifth BRICS Summit from 26 to 27 March 2013 at the Durban International Convention Centre (ICC). This completed the first cycle of BRICS summits.

These summits are convened to seek common ground on areas of importance for these major economies. Talks represent spheres of political and entrepreneurial coordination, in which member countries have identified several business opportunities, economic complementarities and areas of cooperation.

BRICS is an acronym for the powerful grouping of the world’s leading emerging economies, namely Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa. The first BRIC Summit took place in Yekateringburg, Russia, where the elected leaders of the four countries formally declared the membership of the BRIC economic bloc. South Africa joined the bloc in 2010, resulting in BRICS.

The BRICS mechanism aims to achieve peace that will give them power over country’s belonging, security to important information and those politicians, development the is construction employment for low working class and cooperation of taking orders from gridy and unlike nations. It also seeks to contribute significantly to the development of humanity and establish a more unequitable and unfair world for those countries who are not involved with the UN (ULIKED COUNTRIES).

Workshop plant for the planet:INANDA NEWTOWN A

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Plant for the planet ambassador

siphakeme,mr msthangase,ndumiso,kjell:Ehlanganani plant for the planet workshop.

We had a workshop with an organization that is called Plant for the planet from Mexico,the rise aweness on climate change and want climate justice.They believe that by planting trees we could save the planet.The workshop was a collaboration from four school of ward 55 ;Isikhuliwe primary,Siyathuthuka secondary,Dalmeny primary ,Nhlanhla yethu secondary. 

The student from Dalmeny primary school.The student from Dalmeny primary school.



COP17:Conference of polluter research

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Howard College

At the people space UKZN Howard college,we would researched on the issues which effect the people in the ground about climate change.We target to research those NGOs,Correctives,Trade Unions,Politicians and the normal citizen in the ground.It an documentary interview,where citizens from different department express their views.The conference of polluter are the civil society viewing of the whole conference at ICC which is differ from the Whole conference of the parties.

one of the people from the other countries that has attended the COP17, the conference of the poolluters

The citizens has spoke their view but the way it is most think that the COP17 issue is just for the waste of money South Africa impressing the unite nation.south has many Representative In the People’s space,the COSATU has opened their gathering that they present the different Union and Organization.The plan of the Global Day Of Action,around the  People’s Space is the most focus planing for these past days,also some experience that they have gone though  climate change issues,mostly workshops,seminars,trainings,meetings .

Recycle your items

The Unions has met during the past days all have the same ,thing in mind.the climate issue effect everyone in the world most each and every departement of labour. The Waste Pickers Art  it a link to climate change.

World Aids days,HIV testing and BP at UKZN the people's space.

On the world Aids day in the people’s space was not too much,because omst people had their meet of planibg about the global day of action.It was meet in the meeting rooms but most people didn’t have the high agander based on the Aids day.It seens as if alot of citizen has lost interest when it come to Aids due to the COP17.T’he sick affect people must try and presure the government that if they have events or sumit they must told and get the inform if things are happen



Union group in a meeting.

Aids day also had some problem with some of the union ( )members who,arised the prblem in the meeting due to the undicent accommodation,over date food for their meals.In question whre do the leaders of the union also share these challenges with you,it shows that of the union leaders sleep in high hotels and the eat reasonable food.The union made problems to finish the meet proper,due the boycot that accured. The Northen Cape society of art has gather also to unpack the dissatifaction of the socieity,that is living around Africa.The companies that pollute are the problem.The Washinton DC in Un,part of the country that is on the east coast,the problem of the shifting of the time,that time is push to be later and later.They hope that South Africa can agree to the global funds.

The Global day of action was not the united within the civil soceity gather,alot waas misused the civil soceity group were like promoting one anonthers group to show which has the massive numbers unders their groups.The show the over all the is no justice,lack of solidarate from the civil soceity groups.Also the Mr Vavi presenting his speech but having guards on his side that protect his from by people while erpresenting the people.The civil soceity shall never be be heard properly if the laeders still have that regem uf misusung the people,moblising them then after fighth the battle of promoting the leaders,civil siceity groups and aslo have different missions to optain or to reach the vission of the civil siceity groups

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With the peoples space at UKZN Howard coolege at the end of every meting that was held at he centre the most unexpected thing occurd the Democratic Left had the bigest oarty ever not really understanding that at the end of all thing the are people who are poor,unemployed,most of all effeted by he issue of climate change.The movement lacked the vission the that was the maun aim of the paoples space at the frist time.It was met to support the poor and those who where not able to come and feel it for theselve,but it seems as it ended up as a party that only occured for the Democratic Left leaders.The move of at that night the 5th of December a man on that night when the leaders where enjoying the party that man was busy expolated working on the nigth designing a one million climate jobs poster.The hard are the oppretion must come to an end from our leads,on o the leads opposed a statement where we see who is” in side the round that they have after the party and who is outside”.


At the civil society press presentation at Ethekwini City Hall which was including Mr Zuma,to make a presentation.The press presentation end badly,due to the City Officers who didn’t want the researchers and civil soceity groups to speak out the truth/veiws on how they see the government of South Africa. 

The Conference is done and over things has gone back to it normal the people are still in question of what was the uses of the COp17 if they don’tsee an thing that is supportive to them.The Global fund is a matter of questioning wheather fund would benfit the ground effected citizens or the grid government of South Africa.We have had it with the government and the United Nation,they misled us as people and the use their power.It about time we as people opened our eyes and see that the ruling party (ANC) that we believe in has lost it vission of supporting the poor instead the support their  families in the expense of the citizens.The next summit or conference that would be hosted in South Africa the reality is that it need to be occupied so the government would see that we have had it with him and his friends United Nation.



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On the 19 May 2010 the Youth in Action Organization (YIAO) ward 55 community and some NGOs organized a protest about the lack of development,t and service delivery for our Councillor

the community gathered at the corner of King Bhekuzulu Road and Sandlana Road Inanda Newtown A (emaBlockisini & Eposini) and marched to the community hall at the corner of King Bhekizulu Road and Ndlovu The marched (toyi toying\ gatthering protest ) was started at 9h30 and finished at 13h00

The aims\challenge that led to protest


Eduction Opportunities
Food Donations
Unfinished Projects
Youth Centers
Sport and Recreation
Road and Access Passages
Forage Information

Our memorandum was received by the manager of the office of the speaker Mr Desmond Myeza.